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1. Before we go any further

The free version of SPUM is distributed to individual users/students/amateur developers for the SPUM experience.
[Explore free SPUM licenses]

2. Download the free version of SPUM and build your environment

1) Access the link below for downloading the free version of SPUM.
Link to SPUM free version – https://github.com/soonsoon2/SPUM/releases/tag/free

2) Click ‘SPUM_1.0.2._Free.unitypackage’ to download.

3) Drag & Drop the downloaded ‘SPUM_1.0.2._Free.unitypackage’ into the Unity project.
Then click ‘Import’ to add the file.

4) Double-click and run ‘SPUM_Scene’ in the [Asset->SPUM->Scene] path.

5) Select ‘SPUM_Manager’ inside Hierarchy of ‘SPUM_Scene’.

6) Click ‘Install Resources Data’ inside the Inspector to load the initial resource.

7) When you run this scene, you can see that the free version of SPUM is functioning