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Building environment
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Installation compatibility

1. Installation Environment

SPUM is available in the Unity version below.

  • Unity 2019.x and later stabilization version
  • Unity 2020.x and later stabilization version
  • Unity 2021. x and later stabilization version
  • More recent stabilized versions

It may also be available in versions not described above, but may not be official support.
If there is a problem using the installation above the latest version, please contact the manufacturer.

2. Usage Compatibility

SPUM supports the Unity Editor on the platform listed below.

  • Windows Desktop & Mac Standalone
  • WebGL Web
  • Android & iOS Mobile

*. It is compatible with many other platforms.
However, it is officially used in the Editor environment of the platform, so it is not that SPUM’s editor function can be built and used as it is.

*. Most features of SPUM are available on the Unity Editor, and most features are not available after the build.