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Setting an environment

1. Install SPUM in Unity Editor

*. This tutorial was created in the Mac environment, Unity 2021.3.14f1 version.

1) In the Unity Editor, create a new project to install SPUM.
If you are adding SPUM to an existing project, you do not need to create a new project.

2) In the Unity Editor, enter [Windows – Package Manager].

3) Press the ‘Packages’ button in the upper left corner to select ‘My Assets’ where you can view the list of my purchased assets.

4) Select [2D Pixel Unit Maker – SPUM] from the purchase list. This activates the ‘Download’ button in the lower right.
Press the ‘Download’ button to prepare for import.

5) Once ‘Download’ is complete, you can add it to the Unity project through ‘Import’.
Press the ‘Import’ button to add SPUM to the Unity project.

6) When the ‘Import Unity Package’ window appears, check the resources to be added and press the ‘Import’ button in the lower right to proceed with the import process.

7) Once added, you can check the SPUM folder and resources in Unity’s project folder as shown below.

8) To use SPUM, you must run the [SPUM-Scene-SPUM_Scene] scene file.
Open the scene.

9) When you open ‘SPUM_Scene’, the object ‘SPUM_Manager’ is visible on the Hierarchy tab.
When you select that object, you will see the warning message “You need to install SPUM Sprite Data by below install buttons” printed on the ‘SPUM_Manager’ component.

Press the ‘Install Resources Data’ button to install the initial resource environment required for SPUM use.

10) SPUM resource installation is complete. Now, we need to check some things to use SPUM.

  • SPUM is available in 2D views.
    Therefore, we recommend that you click the “2D” tab in the thin window to set it to the 2D screen and use it.
  • To use SPUM, the required resources must be located within the [Assets-Resources-SPUM folder].
    If these data are lost, it may not be possible to create and save characters correctly.
    You can identify the problem through the log messages in the SPUM_Manager or Unity Console window.