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1. What is Save/Modify Character?

Characters created by SPUM can be saved on Unity Editor.
The saved character is saved in the form of a prefab.

2. To save/modify characters

  • Save

1) Press the ‘SAVE UNIT’ button to save the currently decorated character.

2) If the save is successful, the message “SAVED UNIT OBJECT UNIT NAME” will be displayed as a pop-up as shown in the image below.

3) Characters that have been saved can be found in the form of prefabs within the [Assets-Resources-SPUM-SPUM_Units] path.

  • Modify

1) Press the ‘LOAD UNIT’ button to recall the saved character.

2) Click the appropriate button to recall the list of saved characters as shown below.

3) If you select a character that needs to be edited, you can see that the existing ‘SAVE UNIT’ button has been changed to ‘EDIT UNIT’.
Modify the character to its desired appearance and press the ‘EDIT UNIT’ button to save the changes.

  • Create a new character

1) You can create a new character through the ‘NEW UNIT’ button.
If you press the button, the character you are decorating will be initialized, so you can save the character you are working on before using it.