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1. What is the SPUM Sample scene?

The sample scene included inside the SPUM allows you to place and manipulate characters created through SPUM.

2. Using the SPUM Sample Scene

  • Move SPUM Sample Thin Character

1) Run the Sample scene of the [Asset->SPUM->Sample->Scene] path.

2) You can select and move the SPUM character to the desired location by clicking the mouse.

  • Place the entire SPUM Sample scene character

1) Runs a Hierarchy of the Sample scene in the [Assets->SPUM->Sample->Scene] path.

2) Select ‘PlayerManager’ inside the sample scene.

3) Click ‘Generate’ inside the inspector of ‘Player Manager’.

4) [PlayObject->PlayerObject] You can see that the saved SPUM characters in the path have been created.
You can also see the addition of characters in the GAME window.

  • SPUM Sample Scene Place specific characters

1) [Assets->SPUM->Sample->Prefabs] Place the ‘SamplePlayer’ prefab inside the path under the ‘PlayerObject’ inside the Sample thin Hierarchy.

2) Place the character prefabs created through SPUM inside [PlayObject->PlayerObject].
The saved SPUM character is located in the path [Assets->Resources->SPUM->SPUM_Units] by default.

3) Initializes the location information of the added character.
If you do not initialize the location information, it may not click normally.

4) Click to set Prefabs properties for script ‘Player Obj’ inside ‘SamplePlayer’ Inspector.

5) When the ‘Select SPUM_Prefabs’ window appears, select the character prefabs you placed.