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1. What is Character Appearance Settings?

You can set the appearance of the character with the appearance setting function provided by SPUM.
It is possible to create a character with a unique personality by combining various elements such as eyes, hair, and clothes.

The appearance can be set through the buttons in the right area of the SPUM UI.

From the top left, [Eye, hair, beard, hat, top, bottom, shoulder, cape, left-handed weapon, right-handed weapon] and random button and item reset.

2. To set the appearance of a character

1) Call hair Selection Window

As an example, proceed with the process of modifying the character’s hair.
Click the hair icon to set the character’s hair.

2) Decide your hair style

Select and select the appropriate hair style.
If you want to release the set head, click the ‘Trash Bin’ icon in the upper left corner.

The buttons at the top of the head selection window are categorized by version and extension pack.
Depending on your selection, you can browse only the items in the desired category.

3) Determining the hair color

The icon changes to red in areas where the item is attached, such as hair style.
This will help you determine if the item is fitted.

Press the ‘C’ button to invoke the Change Color window.

In the Change window, select the desired color to change the hair color.
Other elements can be changed in the same way.

4) Utilize random elements

There is also a random function for users who want to set their appearance at random.
Click the ‘R’ button to take advantage of the random function.
This allows you to see random changes in hair style and color.
Other components can change components randomly in the same way.

5) Initialize the hair

You can reset the set item by pressing the ‘D’ button. (Recover to Not Installed)
In addition to the hair, elements that require removal and initialization can be initialized through the ‘D’ button.

6) Setting lock function

Locking can prevent your favorite attributes or essential elements from changing.
Setting the lock does not affect random through ‘R’.

*. Due to the nature of SPUM, the hair and hat are not applied at the same time.
To prevent the ‘R’ function of the hair and hat, both the hair and the hat need to be locked.
(Undo ‘Hat’ when setting ‘Hair’ / Undo ‘Hair’ when setting ‘Hat’)

7) Full random functionality

If you want to give randomness to the entire appearance of the character, you can use ‘ALL ITEMS RANDOM’.
Sets all appearances at random except for locked appearance elements.

8) Full initialization

If you want to initialize the entire appearance of the character, you can use ‘ALL ITEMS RESET’.
Return all elements to the beginning, whether locked or not, so use it carefully.

Characters who have completed the character appearance setting can be saved and used. For information about saving, see [Save & Modification].

To avoid overlapping the character’s hair with the hat, the hair and hatcannot be worn in duplicate.

*. The functions ‘DELETE’ and ‘ALL ITEMS RESET’ operate regardless of whether they are locked or not.