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1. What is character animation?

You can check the behavior of the character using the animation function provided by SPUM.
It supports functions such as zoom and playback speed to observe the character’s movements smoothly.

2. To manipulate character animation

  • Time function

*. When playing animation again after operating the TIME bar, click the animation inside the ‘ANIMATION LIST’ at the bottom.

It is a function that allows you to view the animation of the character in a stationary state according to the progress.
You can set the progress of the animation by manipulating the TIME bar.

  • SPEED function

This function controls the playback speed of the character animation.
You can slow down or check the animation playback speed quickly by manipulating the SPEED bar.

*. If the speed is set to 0%, the character stops working.
(Adjustable within 0% to 200%)

  • Zoom in/out function

This feature allows you to zoom in and out on the size of the SPUM character.

When the maximum/minimum size within the SPUM is reached, messages ‘REACHED MAXIMUM SIZE’ and ‘REACHED MINIMUM SIZE’ are displayed as pop-ups, respectively.

  • Animation List function

You can observe the operation of the animation through various animations provided inside the SPUM.