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1. What is the apply of Unity Project Atlas

Characters created through SPUM can be extracted in Atlas and Gif formats through Export and added to My Project.
See [Sheet image & Gif] for the character Atlas extraction method.

2. Applying Unity Project Atlas

1) Inserts the character Atlas you created in the Unity Editor.

2) Change the required property values in the Inspector window of the Atlas you inserted.
Set the ‘Texture Type’ property value to Sprite (2D and UI).
Set the ‘Spring Mode’ property value to ‘Spring Mode’.

3) Click ‘Sprite Editor’ to enter.

4) If no changes have been made, the pop-up window below will be displayed.
Click Apply to apply.

5) When the ‘Spring Editor’ window is launched, click the ‘Slice’ menu.
Then set the property value ‘Type’ to ‘Grid by Cell Count’.

6) Change the value of the ‘Type’ property and specify the ‘Column & Row’ value to 4 respectively.

7) Set the property value of ‘Pivot’ to ‘Custom’ to set the character’s reference point.

8) Enter the appropriate number for ‘Custom Pivot’.

9) Press the ‘Slice’ button to divide the image after all settings have been completed.

10) You can see that the images are divided by area.
You can adjust the Pivot position individually by selecting each area.

11) See if Atlas is well divided, then click ‘Apply’ to save your changes.

12) Drag & Drop Atlas to be applied inside ‘Scene’ on Unity Editor.

13) Set and save the file name.

14) You can look at the creation of an animation-related file.
You can then run the scene to verify that the animation is working.
You can apply this method to animate and utilize Atlas you want.