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1. Atlas, GIF extract?

SPUM can extract created characters in image and gif file formats.
It can be used in Atlas format and Gif, which shows the moving image of the character.

2. Extracting Atlas, GIFs

1) Run ‘SPUM_SheetExporter’ in the path [Assets->Spum->Sprite_SheetExporter(Beta)->Scene].

2) Click on ‘SPUM_ExporterManager’ inside Hierarchy.

3) Click the icon next to property ‘Unit Prefab’ in the Inspector internal ‘SPUM_Exporter’.

4) When the ‘Select GameObject’ window appears, click ‘Asset’ and select the character prefab you want.

5) Select the Unit Type of the character you want.
There is a difference in animation motion by Unit Type.

6) Utilize the ‘SPUM_Exporter’ internal property to set various property values such as image name and size.
Each property is shown below.

SPUM_Exporter Clean up each property

  • Unit Prefab – Selected Character Prefab
  • Unit Type – Tribe Animation Selection
  • Separated – Create an Individual Image File
  • Image Name – the name of the image to be output
  • Image Size – Size of the character image
  • Full Size – Animation Sheet Size
  • Scale Factor – Character Output Size Scale
  • Frame Rate – Number of frames to be seen per second
  • Disable Gif Export – Whether to create a Gif file
  • Animation TimeDelay – Time Interval Between Gif Frames
  • Disable Background Transparency – Background Transparency
  • Gif Alpha Back Color – Transparent Settings

When setup is complete, click ‘Make Sprite Images’ to create Gif and Sprite images.

7) When you are done creating the image, you can check the generated Atlas in the [Assets->Spum->ScreenShots] path.
You can also view Gif files categorized by each motion in the GifExports folder.

*. If the Game window in the Unity Editor is smaller than a certain size, Atlas and Gif results will turn gray.
If you look in the Console window, you will see an error similar to the one below.
If you increase the size of the Game window and then extract it again, you can see that it works properly.