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1. Before applying SPUM expansion pack

SPUM expansion packs purchased from the Unity Asset Store are available in the Unity Editor.
Prefab included in the Asset can be used by adding it directly to the Unity project you want.
However, we need the original SPUM product to use as a resource for making SPUM units.

If you would like to purchase SPUM, please refer to [purchase].

2. Apply SPUM Expansion Pack

1) Select and purchase the desired expansion pack.

2) Run the Unity project to leverage the expansion pack.
In the Unity Editor, enter [Windows -> Package Manager].

3) Press the Packages button in the upper left corner to select ‘My Assets’ where you can view the list of my purchased assets.

4) Select the SPUM expansion pack you purchased from the purchase list.
The ‘Download’ button is then activated at the bottom.
Press the ‘Download’ button to prepare for import.

5) Once ‘Download’ is complete, you can add it to the Unity project through ‘Import’.
Press the ‘Import’ button to add an extension pack to the Unity project.

6) When the ‘Import Unity Package’ window appears, check the resources to be added.
Then press the ‘Import’ button on the lower right to proceed with the import process.

7) Once added, you can check the SPUM folder and expansion pack resources in Unity’s project folder as shown below.

8) You can apply various prepabs inside the added folder to your project.

*. Folder names vary depending on the expansion pack. [ex) Undead Pack Prefab Folder Name – Monster Undead Prefabs]

9) Let’s take a look at the process of building units with expansion pack resources using SPUM.
For installation of SPUM, see [Building a SPUM Usage Environment].

10) The process of reinstalling Resources after additional SPUM or expansion packs are installed is required.
Go to [Assets->SPUM->Scene] Internal ‘SPUM_Scene’.

11) If you have an existing SPUM environment, click ‘Reinstall Resources Data’ inside the Inspector in SPUM_Manager to reinstall the resources.
If this is the first SPUM run, press the ‘Install Resources Data’ button.

12) If you look at the internal resources after running ‘SPUM_Scene’, you can see that the expansion pack is well applied.